Software Development

To ensure high quality software development in this age of Internet technologies when new software possibilities appear daily, to satisfy all client's needs for new software to maximize the effectiveness of Your business - there is a need for highly qualified and experienced team of developers. Services of such a team SIA iPilot offers to it's clients.

Software development - it is gathering and analysis of client needs, choosing the most appropriate technology for the specified task, developing and deploying the system as well as educating end users and preparing solution's full documentation. SIA iPilot offers clients full software development cycle as well as offer its services only for some of the stages. We have experience working with different database management systems - starting with MySQL or Hybernate up to Oracle and DB/2. SIA iPilot also offers it's specialist services to other IT companies of favorable conditions.

Services Offered

Offshore Software Development and Outsourcing Services
• Custom Software Development 
• Staffing and Team Creation 
• Consulting and Technical Support
Custom Software Development
• Complete Product Development 
• Legacy Applications re-Engineering 
• Software Systems Enhancement 
• Application Maintenance 
• Software Projects Rescue
Staffing and Team Creation
• Offshore Development Teams Completion 
• Technical Management 
• HR Management
Consulting and Technical Support
• Software Development Consulting 
• Technical Support 
• Software Maintenance
Software Expertise
• Enterprise Solutions 
• Desktop Applications 
• Web-based Applications 
• Database Systems 
• Web Sites 
• Low-level System Development Technical Expertise
Operating Systems

* Linux 
* Mac OS
* Windows


* Intel IA-32/IA-64 
* AMD 32/64 

Programming Languages

* Java 
* Scripting (Perl, JavaScript) 
* PHP 


* CGI/Servlets/JSP/PHP 
* J2EE, JMF 
* Ajax
* Android, Qt, J2ME
* Networking (TCP/IP and others) 
* Security (Authentication, Encryption) 
* VOIP/Video (Asterisk) 
* Jabberd (ejabberd, jabberd14, jabberd2) 


* Oracle 
* DB/2 
* MySQL 
* PostgreSQL 

Application Servers

* JBoss 
* IBM WebSphere 
* BEA WebLogic 

WEB Servers

* Apache WebServer 
* Apache Tomcat